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The One Way Club is a registered Charity and Non-Profit Society. We aim to provide a safe and supportive place for people seeking to live a clean and sober lifestyle. It is a sustainable recovery resource providing peer counselling, twelve-step meetings & literature and referrals. We also provide support and fellowship within our cafe and social area. Puzzles, games, billiards, and social events happen regularly.

Did you know?

All our staff and volunteers have overcome alcohol and substance abuse themselves, which creates an environment of understanding and belonging when visiting our club.

Our staff and volunteers are encouraging and are here to welcome everyone, and to provide information on various twelve step and non twelve step recovery resources, while showing clients every day that recovery is possible.

We host family fun events throughout the year that gets everyone involved and it also shows the newcomer, that there is fun in recovery.

In early recovery, we are a safe place for clients to come daily to talk to volunteers, spend time in our common area (games room), have coffee, and chat with others in recovery, while feeling safe and supported.

Our common area (games room) and small concession is open seven days a week, as well as all holidays to welcome those who struggle during these times.

We encourage clients to get involved in volunteering at our club, which fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity.


 Our Mission

Providing a safe and supportive place for people seeking to live clean and sober.

Our Vision

To be a sustainable recovery resource, providing a healthy environment for recovery.

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 Our Values

The operation of the One Way Club is guided by our core values with the premise of providing an abstinence-based recovery which is reflected in an alcohol, drug and smoke free environment.


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