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The One Way Club is a non profit society existing entirely for the stated purpose of providing a suitable drug and alcohol free family friendly environment for people on the road to recovery. It also functions as a referral centre and provides volunteer counselling to those affected by addiction. One of the most important features of the One Way Club is the provision of a social atmosphere for people who want to begin a new way of life, free from the entrapment of their old dependencies. Many people coming to the One Way Club have learned that life outside of addiction can be manageable, rewarding, and productive. The One Way Club is an important facility in the community to be used by any parties who wish for a clean and sober environment. Everyday, in many ways, the One Way Club is proving that life without drugs and alcohol can be great.

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On April 29, 2021, I gave a Statement in the House of Commons regarding the importance of recovery and treatment and I made mention of the One Way Club Society. The current state of the opioid crisis we are facing in British Columbia is devastating.


Now more than ever, the work that One Way Club is doing is absolutely essential. You are not just keeping people alive, you are providing them with the opportunity to regain/build a new life.

Marc Dalton

We are a fellowship club that exists to provide support to anyone affected by addiction. We are an Alcohol, Drug, and Smoke Free Family Center. The One Way Club is run and maintained by staff and volunteers to provide support and referral information to anyone affected by addiction. Everyone is Welcome!


Hybrid Meeting Set-Up

Cafe Onsite

A Support Community of Multiple Fellowships

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"We want to thank Minute Man Press in Maple Ridge for supporting the One Way Club by providing us with signage

to help keep us all safe and following protocols throughout the pandemic."

One Way Club Board of Directors

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